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How to join ATGWU.

First and fore most any worker in Uganda is free to join any trade Union of him/herself as
provided for in the constitution of Uganda 1995 under protection and promotion of fundamental
and other human rights and freedom page clxix chapter four section 29 subsection 1(e)
Which says

Every person shall have the right to freedom of association which shall
include the freedom to form and join associations and Unions, including trade Unions
and political and other civic organisations.

After knowing your rights as a worker and a citizen ot Uganda then you can procede to fill the form and join the union but you must be working in one of the industries mentioned in the form or consult with the union executives through their e-mail telephone or fax which is provided in the e-mail us os contact us.
When you finish to fill the forms and submit it then the Union will inform your employer throught writting to start remiting your dues as provided for in the union constitution.

There are three ways you can join the union:-

1. Through internet by filling the FORM and sending it, if you have e-mail then you get immediate reply if not then you will receive the reply through the postal address of your work place confirming your membership.
2. You can also fill forms which are normally with the chief shopsteward who is the head of the Union representative at each of these shops or industries who is also a worker at that industry elected by the other employees in the presence of Union official.
3. The last option is to visit Union head Office which its lacation can be found by clicking find us

For more information you can contact Union Head Office using the address provided in contact us.
you are welcome please join the Union to fight for your rights at work place.

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