General Information

An effective organisation in protecting and promoting workers rights.

To organise, educate, empower and represent workers in
order that their rights are protected and promoted.

Vision Identity of ATGWU
Amalgamated Transport and General Workers' Union (ATGWU) is afree autonomous, democratic and voluntary organisation formed, owned and run by workers its run in accordance with the provitions of itsown constitution.

Background of ATGWU
Its amature and dynamic lobour organisation (trade union)which traces its roots from the very first lobour organisation to be formed in Uganda in 1938 by Ignatius Kangave Musazi and J. Kivu the Uganda Motor Drivers Association. In its status ATGWU was registered in 1974 as T.U.7 under the provisions of the trade unions act of 1970.

Scope of ATGWU

This Union represents workers engaged in the following trades and industries

Civil Aviation Industry
Road Transport Industry
Chemical and Oil Industry
Private Security Industry
General workers in support services


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