Aims and Objectives of the union.

This Union aims at recruiting, actively organising and representing all workers in the above trade and industry into a strong and well informed union force that is capable of facing the growing changes and challeges in the world of employment so as to:

  • Protect and promote their human and trade union rights.
  • Negotiate and maintain sound terms and conditions of service.
  • Establish and maintain mutual respect and trust between workers and employers as a basis for
    harmonious industrial relations.
  • Provide professional guidance and legal assistance to needy members on lobour issues and other
    social, political and economic concerns.
  • Develop institutional capacity through workers and trade unioneducation and training.
  • Efficient abd effective handling of grievances and resolve dispute at work places.
  • Offer solidarity by co-operating and networking with unions and friendly organisations in the
    pursuance of workers rights.
  • Create awareness among members on all issues of their interest and empower them to actively
    participate in union actities.

Membership eligbility.
Membership of the union is open, without discrimination to all the workers within the jurisdiction of the listed trsde and industries. Any worker employed in the above listed trades and industries is eligible and free to join ATGWU on signind a declaration form found on this website.

Some of the members of the union from the security organisation


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